How to sign up for E-Statements

Log into your Internet Banking (if you do not have Internet Banking you will need to enroll on the right hand side of the screen before you will be able to sign up for E-Statements.)

On the left hand side click services then E- Statements, read the disclosure, if you agree, checkmark the box below the terms and conditions disclosure.  Click the “I agree to these terms & Conditions” button that shows up.

You will then get a pop up that has the email address we have for your Account.  A verification code will be sent to this email address.  (If the email address that first appears is no longer valid please type your current email address or the email address you want the verification code sent)

Open up your email that the verification code was sent to and retrieve your verification code. If you closed your Internet Banking please log back in and return to the services < E-Statement page we started with. 

Input your verification code and select the accounts you would like to receive E-Statements on.
Once you have check marked your accounts click the submit button.

This will send KansasLand Bank a notification of which accounts you would like to receive E-Statements.

We will set you up for E-Statements and your next statement will be uploaded to your Internet Banking.  An email notification will be generated & sent to the email address KLB has on file notifying you that your statement(s) are available. Once this is completed you will no longer receive a paper copy of your statement.  Please remember to notify KLB of any  changes to your email address.   

E-Statements are kept in your Intent Banking for review for 24 months; we encourage you to download these statements to your computer for your records.   Once the statement is 24 months old it will be deleted from your Internet Banking.  If you need a copy of a Statement that has been removed please contact KansasLand Bank for a paper copy. (there is a fee to retrieve a past statement)

To view your E-Statement, log into your Internet Banking, click E-Statements on the left hand side menu.  Then select the account you wish to view your statement on.  To the right of the dropdown there will be a link that shows up which says “checking and savings” click on this link and you will get a list of your E-Statements for this account.  Select the one you wish to view. 

If you have any questions or issues with E-Statements call us at 785-754-2500 and we will be more than happy to help you.